I’m Chloe, a researcher seeking ways to change how we design in 3d. 
I am currently pursuing a M.S. in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University. My interests are in developing learning models(ML/DL/AI),
that have a human design sensibility to augment 3d modeling tasks.

-> I have a comprehension of 3d design tasks and the technology for design.
-> I have a strong suit for developing learning models for 3d geometry.
-> I have taken courses and built projects related to AI, ML and robotics

-> I have 5+ years experience in architecture.
-> I previously worked as intern at Autodesk. 
    (developed a 3D geometry dataset to incorporating ML for design data exchange)
-> I am a recipient of the National Graduate Scholarship.
    (granted by the South Korean government to 64 individuals each year)

** I am currently seeking for labs and PhD. positions for 2023 Fall!

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