I’m Chloe, a researcher seeking new ways of designing.

I am currently pursuing a M.S. in Computational Design at Carnegie Mellon University where I explore the intersection of design systems and machine learning - enabling designers to shape technical mediums, and creating computational systems that dynamically adapt to individual and context-specific practices. 

I most recently worked as intern at Autodesk, have 5+ years experience in architecture design, a solid background in machine learning and eagerness to explore the unforeseen.

Research & Projects

Autodesk Internship :
Design Dataset for Intelligent Data Exchange

I developed a pipeline to create a dataset with 3d models and graph structures that have information of their components and geometric relations. I identified a minimal set of operations that are specific to architecture 3d modeling.  I was able to shed light on the lack and need of 3d design datasets with human generated information.

︎ 3D Dataset
︎ CAAD Reconstruction, 3D Segmentation task
︎ Computation geometry


I created a constraint based 2.5D world generation game. It involves a set of tiles in the form of cubical 2.5D isometric geometry and the Wave Function Collapse algorithm (WFC) (Gumin,2016) to place tiles according to the tile set’s connectivity rules.

︎ Computation geometry
︎ Generative design

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